Ordained Fate + 7 Song Demo (CD) 2019 Legends of Rock

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  • Pre-Order. Release Date July 24th
  • Includes 7 Song Demo
  • Remastered with Bonus Material
  • 12 page booklet in a Jewel Case
  • For Fans of Christian Thrash bands such as Believer, Deliverance, Betrayal, Sacrament, Testament, Annihilator, Megadeth and DIO

First 50 Pre-Orders get a really amazing Ordained Fate Sticker and button


Completely remastered with a 8 page booklet. First 50 get a really cool sticker and other bonuses. The Ordained Fate debut album is straight up Thrash onslaught masterpiece that starts out with the heavy thrasher Let's Make a Deal ripping 4 minutes. Gethsemane the second song is a Black Sabbath like, and a crushing 6 minutes long with numerous speed changes and chord progression and slower paced dark feel, exactly what you would expect from a song called Gethsemane.  It is also one of their more popular songs for all the right reasons.  Holy Wars, Wonderful Love, Gold Cross and Tame the Tongue could have all found themselves on a DIO album as they venture into some PowerMetal. Election, song 7 starts off fast and has a really great industrial intro with sampling from the a Presidential Inauguration, almost punk in nature think more like the Crucified. One of the Insane and No Death, the last 2 songs, merge together into one longer song, and ends the album as great as it started. Front to back this album contains 9 songs of crushing Thrash not really slowing down for much other than an occasional sample thrown it.  It's furious and crushing for sure.


1. Let's Make A Deal 4:33
2. Gethsemane 6:13
3. Holy Wars 4:45
4. Wonderful Love 4:15
5. Gold Cross 4:33
6. Tame The Tongue 5:23
7. The Election 3:53
8. One Of The Insane 5:19
9. No Death 4:26
10. Let's Make a Deal
11. No Death
12. Midnight Exodus
13. Light Bearer
14. The Hunted
15. Temptation II
16. Wonderful Love

Bass, Vocals – Marge Curtner
Drums, Vocals – Terry Cvengros
Lead Guitar, Vocals – Anette Cvengros
Lead Vocals, Guitar – Pam Scott



Ordained Fate was an early 90’s female fronted Christian power metal band with thrash elements throughout. Make no mistake about it that these ladies know how to rock and play quality metal. If you think you know what a female Thrash/Metal band sounds like, you're probably wrong and underestimating them.  Yes, they were that good. 

Pam Scott, Marge Curtner, Annette Cvengros and Terry Cvengros (the only male) created their own sound.  They were original.  Think WASP, Mortification and Bloodgood, each with a very distinct sound. 

Originally known as Cryptic Axe in the early to mid 80’s Pam Scott and Annette Cvengros met in High-School when they were 16. They formed Cryptic Axe while in school (Waukegan/Zion IL) area near Gurnee, IL where Cornerstone Festival was founded and began their music journey together, the same area where Whitecross was formed.  After meeting Marge right out of high school they put the official band together although every member played in numerous bands in and around Chicago's club scene prior. 

After numerous attempts at the band, back and fourth with their Christian walk it was in 1990 that Ordained Fate was born.  The band released 3 independent tapes at the time which gained them attention in the Christian Metal market and would end up going on opening for bands such as Believer, Sacred Warrior (another Chicago band) and the Crucified gaining them a spot on the above mentioned Cornerstone Festival's new band showcase, in 1991. Wonderland records took notice of them and signed them to a multi-album deal.  However after little exposure and lack of the label to help secure a tour for them Wonderland Records would release them of their agreement on March 31, 1995. 

Ordained Fate officially released 3 cassettes of demos, two from Cryptic Axe and one Ordained Fate. Plus they released 2 albums, ORDAINED FATE  (Self-Titled)” in 1992 also known by some a the album "Gethsemane" and their heavy metal follow-up GLIMMER OF HOPE in 1995 which went relatively un-noticed as it was self-released and not on a label and the DEMO ANTHOLOGY in 2014"