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  • Record Label: Retroactive Records
  • Product ID:  RRCD1471
  • Packaging:  2-CD Set, Jewel case 12 page booklet with lyrics, band pics
  • Barcode:  637405138856
  • Release Date: June 7th, 2018

As a reaction to the growing Satanism in Europe of the 80′s they made the record Dancing on the head of the Serpent in 1987.  On the sleeve there was an army boot, trampling on a demon. This shocked the Christian community.  The record stores sold the record under the counter. But the record made #1 on the American radio charts with a following Dove Award nominee.  In 2015 the website selected Dancing on the Head of the Serpent #44 on the list of the top 50 Christian Metal Albums of all time, saying, “My favorite of the early Jerusalem albums, DOTHOTS highlights straight on metal and hard rock that showcase the distinct vocals of Ulf Christiansson.  Lyrics can best be described as inspired, particularly on musical Book of Proverbs that is “Listen To Me”.  

Unlike their first four studio albums, Dancing... was recorded only in English, although there are two different versions. The original version was released in Scandinavia in 1987 on JM Records. In 1988, Refuge Records released a re-recorded and remixed version in the United States, with slightly different artwork. This was also the first Jerusalem album to be released on CD.  The general lyrical theme of the album is "war against Satan", but songs such as "Still" focus on forgiveness and restoration. The 2018 Retroactive Records release is a 2-CD Set featuring one CD of the USA recording and one CD of the European version of the recording. Trust us - there is a huge difference between the two versions and both are awesome!  We will say the European version is “dirtier” and several songs feel drier and grittier like classic AC/DC! This Rob Colwell (Bombworks Sound) Legends Remastered version adds warmth, depth, and sonic clarity to perfection. Retroactive Records has packaged this gem in a jewel case with a 12-page insert featuring band pics and lyrics. Great pains were made to make sure this classic was given the full reissue treatment. For fans of Kiss, Van Halen, Daniel Band, Dokken, and The Scorpions.  


Disc One Tracklist (USA Version)
1 Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent 4:07
2 Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven 4:07
3 Rebels Of Jesus Christ 3:18
4 Listen To Me 4:30
5 Woe, Woe...The Great Fall 3:25
6 We're Gonna Take Europe 3:39
7 Come Higher 3:59
8 Catch The Devil, Catch The Thief 4:40
9 The Night When Revelation Came Into My Life 4:46
10 Still 4:05
11  Covered By Blood (from the Tretti Compilation)

Disc Two Tracklist  (European Version) 
1 Dancing On The Head Of The Serpent 4:07
2 Plunder Hell And Populate Heaven 3:57
3 Rebels Of Jesus Christ 3:42
4 Listen To Me 4:31
5 Woe, Woe...The Great Fall 3:22
6 We're Gonna Take Europe 3:33
7 Come Higher 3:58
8 Catch The Devil, Catch The Thief 4:30
9 The Night When Revelation Came Into My Life 4:47
10 Still 3:53
11 Covered By Blood 3:37

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An All Time Classic

This is a double album that contains both the US and European versions of this Classic Jerusalem album. Having never heard the European version before, I was very interested in how the songs differed. While it's not earth-shattering, the differences are quite noticeable. I'm not sure which version I like better but I do know that this is my favorite album from one of Christian rocks founding fathers. If your a Jerusalem fan, you should definitely check it out.

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