Red - Gone (CD)

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  • Pre-Owned CD in MINT COND
  • Jewel Case
  • 2017 Provident
  • UPC 083061105525

WOW!!! 'm truly lost for words. What an absolute miraculous accumulation of Beauty and Talent. Red is got to be one of the most innovative and creative bands of our age. Every song is Powerful and Energizing, fresh and new. Michael has such a unique voice and ability to use it. These guys together and yoked are absolutely unstoppable, which is one of the songs on the record... They tell it like it is and keep the listener so intrigued and eager for more. I don't know that it can get better. Every song is a masterpiece. Really and truly one of my new favorite bands. I hope they became more recognized, they deserve it and have their foot on the throat of this genre


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